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April 2, 2023
Valentine Week

How to Elevate and Celebrate Love in the 7 Days of Valentine’s Week?

How does it feel to let love flow from the depth of your heart to the one you cherish dearly? Amazing, right? The week specially carved out by sweethearts worldwide adds a special touch to the lovers’ week – Valentine’s week.

Be My valentine

Seven days are dedicated to showing how much you mean the world to each other while wrapping it up with V-day itself. The famous 14th of February is a day most love birds look forward to and make plans for as the calendar runs through. 

Do you want to go all out but don’t know the special activities to do each day and valentines day ideas for the coming week? In the Femica Beauty Products Collection, you get offered lots of ideas to make the right pick from.

Valentine Gifts

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The 7 Days of Valentine’s Week and their Meanings

The seven significant days of the lovers’ week run from the 7th to the 14th of February, and here are their special meanings;

1. A Love Bouquet for the Rose Day

valentines day dinner

This unique rose day is celebrated on the 7th of February and marks the beginning of Valentine’s week. On this day, lovers give each other rose flowers as a tangible symbol of their love. Now before you run off to the flower shop, I thought I should give you an idea of what each rose colour stands for so you show your true intentions. 

For your romantic lover, give a red rose, as the colour red symbolizes love. If you want to show love to special friends, go for the yellow rose which stands for friendship. Finally, if you want to celebrate that special person you admire and are grateful for, give a pink rose that symbolizes admiration and gratitude.

2. Pop the Big Question on Propose Day

 valentines day ideas

The 8th of February is particularly marked out for those willing to commit to their relationship by promising marriage or renewing vows. After you give or get the long-awaited big “YES”, you can decide to celebrate it with some gift ideas from Femica makeup products

This just gives the feeling that you care deeply for your partner beyond word of mouth. 

3. Create Edible Happiness on Chocolate Day

save the date ideas

It was Wyne Trotman that said, “As long as there’s chocolate, there will be happiness.” We can’t agree with him any less as chocolate adds a flavour of passion and desire to the third day of valentine’s week. In addition to effective Femica skin care products, a box of chocolate shows a gesture of affection and love.

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4. Serve Cuddles on Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Teddy bears have always represented comfort and affection for as long as time, and no, they aren’t just for your six-year-old nieces. Gifting your loved one a teddy on the 10th of February gives them something to remember you by in the days of your absence.

5. Create Commitments cause its Promise Day

Promise day

Whether you are locked in lovers’ deep gazes over a candlelight dinner, or amidst your family’s warm company, this day is about promises. The world is busy and this often drifts couples apart, therefore, making heartfelt promises on this day reignites love’s spark. 

6. Reassure your Love on Hug Day

 Hug Day

Everyone loves a warm and tight hug, this has proven over time to produce feel-nice hormones and stronger bonds. The 12th day of February is tagged hug day as this is when lovers have all the freedom to give each other spontaneous hugs.  

While whispering affectionate words, each other makes a conscious effort to embrace for long moments.

7.   Kiss Day Calls for Unlimited Blow-Kisses

 v day

Without going out to fancy locations, you can have home-cooked meals, binge blockbusting series, and seal it with a kiss. A kiss is an unspoken confirmation of desire and commitment to each other, so make the most of it.

8. Let Love Speak on Valentine’s Day

Be my Valentine

Finally, V-day arrives, and it’s a day that fills the air with live and matching outfits. After expressing love through various symbols and actions, this 14th day of February crowns valentine’s week. Get to display your amazing Femica Valentine’s day gift and secure the heart of your lover for life.

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1. Is Valentine’s day only for Romantic Partners?

While a majority of couples especially display love on this day, it isn’t restricted to romantic partners. Explore wonderful ways to show your love to friends and family as you celebrate valentine’s week.

2. What Amazing Gift Ideas can you Give on Valentine’s Week?

You can gift roses, chocolate, Femica beauty products, and meal boxes to your special ones on V-week.

3. What is Valentine’s day named After?

Valentine’s day is held in honour of St. Valentine, a priest in early Rome under the rule of Emperor Claudius II. He was a symbol of love and peace to people in his days.

Wrapping Up

Valentine’s day is about creating long-lasting magical memories, giving gifts, and renewing promises. Make the most of the lovers’ week by exploring valentines day ideas on Femica collections and seal the magic.

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