Valentine Day Makeup Looks To Get Date Ready
March 24, 2023
Valentine Look

These V-Day Makeup Looks Are Giving Major Goals

Valentine’s day is around the corner but like every time, does the fear of a pimple showing up unannounced and ruining a date with your loved one make you worried? Girls worry not! Good makeup always had our backs! And here’s a bonus, by exploring the gentle Femica beauty products, you can achieve your valentine’s makeup goal this year!

Valentine day Makeup Looks

Pro tip: it’s better to plan your makeup look beforehand, to avoid any sudden mishap! Scroll through the article and scan for some of the best makeup ideas of the season.

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1. Trend Alert! Skip the Foundation

No Foundation Makeup Look

Have you ever skipped the foundation and gone out with just the concealer? Well, it’s a great trick to avoid unwanted layers of makeup but surprisingly, it has been found to give the best base looks for the special occasion too! Grab your Femica Concealer today and avoid sweat dripping through your layers of foundation.

The light to full-face coverage Perfecting Concealer works like magic for your skin. Its creamy stick crafted with smooth glide covers all areas of your face and renders a stunning look. This concealer stick roll-on has been specially designed for medium to high coverage. It perfectly hides dark circles, acne marks, and other imperfections.

HOW TO USE: Gently roll out the Oil Control Concealer and apply it on your face for concealing areas that need attention.

BENEFITS: Multi-purpose roll-on stick
Medium to high coverage
Easy to Carry

Shelf Life: 60 Months

Country of Origin: India

Brand: Glam21


2. The In-Famous No-Makeup Look



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This makeup look has been in trend for a couple of years. The goal is to have minimal coverage yet achieve the all-natural clear skin look. A good medium to full-coverage foundation or concealer can help achieve this look. Nude and light tints are used on some face areas. You must test out the Femica blush range this season for a beautiful look.

3. Ever Heard of The Latest Tantouring? 

Valentine Makeup Look

This trend is relatively unknown to many but can be a good experiment for people who know the how-about of makeup. If you are planning for a valentine’s day party, then tantouring is your goal to pull off. This look can be achieved by contouring with a self-tanner to achieve a natural and effortless style. 

4. The Glossy Lip Look is Back and Rolling 

Valentine Day Ideas

While matte lipsticks are still in trend, glossy lips have regained their spot on the queue of a-list makeup goals. You can use any lipstick of your choice and add a top coat of nude, tinted or glitter lip gloss on top. It will accentuate your lips and enhance their shape. The best Femica makeup product is their range of lipsticks. 

5. Faux Freckles Because Why Not!

Valentine Look

It may be a concept of the West, but freckles add a unique touch to your look. We may have seen many videos on Instagram showing DIY freckles on the skin and yes they do work! It is an easy makeup look to help you stand out this valentine’s day. You can try Heena or a brow pencil to create faux freckles. 

6. Don’t Shy Away From The Bold Blush Look 

Valentine Day Makeup

Statement blush will rule the valentine’s day makeup look list this year. It is one of the newest trends of the season. A bold pink, peach or even red can add a glam look to compliment your valentine’s day style. The key is to master the art of carrying vibrant hues rather than putting layers of makeup. Hence, applying soft washes of vibrant Femica blush can help you look luscious and beautiful. 

7. Eyelashes and Enhanced Eyebrows to Your Rescue 



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Beyond statement eyes, this valentine’s day polish your makeup look by paying a little more attention to eyelashes and brows. Full and fluffy brows were one of the infamous makeup trends of 2022. Moreover, brow lamination continues to trend even with this tear. In addition, a great variety of eyebrows are available in the market to help add more weight to your eyes.

8. It May be Winter but a Sun-Kissed Look Can Never Go Wrong 

Valentine Glam Look

Want to achieve a soft glam makeup look this valentine’s day? Moisturize your skin, and apply concealer or a foundation. The trick is to achieve a slight amount of a greasy look along with a tint of nude blush and highlighter across the nose and the upper cheeks region. The highlighter makeup gives a luminous and dewy look, making it a great valentine’s makeup look

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Well, Ultimately… 

Valentine’s is the season of love and nothing must dim your light on this very occasion. Makeup is a great tool but nothing works better than a good personality and a beautiful heart. Therefore, be assured to have a memorable time this Valentine’s day. 

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1. Is it essential to use sunscreen with every makeup look? 

Skin experts advise applying sunscreen before putting on makeup. It helps in avoiding harmful sun rays. Sunscreen can be applied both during the daytime and in the evenings. 

2. Can face oils be used to achieve a sunkissed look? 

Yes, a little amount of face oil can be used to achieve a sun-kissed look. However, a concealer or foundation must be used along with it as a base. 

3. How can you avoid skin patches after applying foundation or concealer? 

If your skin is too dry, you must prep your skin with a good moisturizer and primer before applying a foundation or concealer. 

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